Telehealth is a rapidly growing branch of medical and social care. There are an increasing range of applications to provide up to date monitoring of patients using equipment in hospital or even in their own homes. For example, by using monitoring equipment to measure blood pressure or blood glucose levels, up to the minute data about a patient’s health can be sent to medical professionals via a mobile network. Our Chameleon smart SIMs can provide this critical connection as our technology changes between UK mobile networks, finding the strongest signal available to give you the best coverage. This can be especially beneficial to friends and family who may live alone in areas of poor coverage, to ensure they can contact someone in case of an emergency. There are also many applications in the social care sector – for example, panic buttons, heart rate monitors and more.

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Chameleon Direct is designed to offer you an easy to understand premium mobile connectivity service.  Our service allows access to all the UK networks, giving you the best chance of getting a signal and mobile coverage, when it really matters.

There is no minimum contract term.


Chameleon Direct for use in the UK
Monthly rental £5.00
Calls to UK fixed lines and mobiles 25p
Texts to all destinations 10p
Data per MB 25p
Calls to all international destinations 51p

Above prices exclude 20% VAT. Charges shown are per minute, per message or per MB unless otherwise stated.

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