VIPs and high net worth clients demand the highest standards and the best service. Offering them our Chameleon smart SIM solution for personal use can be a great way to demonstrate how your business goes the extra mile to meet their expectations. This is a great perk but also a great benefit for those who live in an ‘always on’ environment and where mobile connectivity is imperative to their daily life and work. It could be presented to them as part of a package giving access to an exclusive club reserved for your VIP clients, or as a reward acknowledging their status as your most valued clients.

Our SIM can access all UK mobile networks, finding the strongest possible signal and thus, providing the best mobile coverage.

Chameleon smart SIM technology also has security applications. All VIPs, whether heads of state, politicians, business executives, sports stars or celebrities, can face risks to their personal safety, be that from criminals, terrorists or political activists. Having a Chameleon SIM which provides a critical connection for their mobile, offers significant advantages for VIPs and their loved ones in case of emergency. The same technology can also be used by the security professionals tasked with protecting them. 

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Chameleon Direct is designed to offer you an easy to understand premium mobile connectivity service.  Our service allows access to all the UK networks, giving you the best chance of getting a signal and mobile coverage, when it really matters.

There is no minimum contract term.


Chameleon Direct for use in the UK
Monthly rental £5.00
Calls to UK fixed lines and mobiles 25p
Texts to all destinations 10p
Data per MB 25p
Calls to all international destinations 51p

Above prices exclude 20% VAT. Charges shown are per minute, per message or per MB unless otherwise stated.

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If you are looking to deploy SIMs in larger volumes, or if you are interested in discussing this or other options, please email us or call +44 (0) 1624 636363.