Chameleon Direct - what is it?

Whilst your preferred mobile network might provide suitable coverage for much of the time, there are occasions when due to network problems or your location in the UK, your mobile signal may be poor, intermittent or simply unavailable (not-spots).

Our Chameleon Direct product solves these problems. The smart SIM technology provides the highest level of mobile coverage, by accessing all UK mobile networks, to find the strongest signal, giving you the best possible mobile coverage when you need it most.

As a result we are the market leader for a wide range of critical connection applications and situations, ideal for those who live, work or spend time in remote locations or who travel a lot in their day to day life, including lone workers, vets, emergency services, VIPs, business people remote workers and many more.

How does Chameleon Direct work?

It works with any dual band GSM (900/1800) or UMTS mobile handset which is free of Network locks and the Chameleon Smart SIM technology provides the user with access to all UK mobile networks, selecting the strongest available signal.

Since 2000, our Chameleon SIM technology has already proved vital and of real benefit for 1000s of customers, requiring optimal mobile coverage or that mission critical connection whether it’s for personal, commercial or operational reasons. Using a unique number range, the service also gives 3G, packet and circuit switched data coverage across all UK networks.

The Chameleon Direct service offers a simple and fully managed end to end solution: no complicated bundles or subsidised handsets are included, just security and mobile access at the highest level. Not least, our SIMs can be programmed with the appropriate Class of Service so that they will work under MTPAS conditions. Therefore, if the organisation and end user in the UK is entitled to MTPAS status, it can be provided as part of the Manx Telecom Chameleon Direct Service.

plans & pricing

Chameleon Direct is designed to offer you an easy to understand premium mobile connectivity service.  Our service allows access to all the UK networks, giving you the best chance of getting a signal and mobile coverage, when it really matters.

There is no minimum contract term.


Chameleon Direct for use in the UK
Monthly rental £5.00
Calls to UK fixed lines and mobiles 25p
Texts to all destinations 10p
Data per MB 25p
Calls to all international destinations 51p

Above prices exclude 20% VAT. Charges shown are per minute, per message or per MB unless otherwise stated.

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